Cameron Highlanders of Canada Memorial Site

Recording the History of the Regiment


Canada can be proud of its military history, especially of its role in the Great War. With the Militia being ten times larger than Canada's Permanent Force of regular soldiers, the militia's role was paramount - for the most part Canada's Army in the War of 1914 was a civilian army.

One militia regiment that made a significant contribution in the conflict was the 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada. Although it was one of the youngest militia units, being authorized in 1910, the regiment sent 3,891 officers and men overseas. Of these, a staggering thirty percent, 1,181 men, gave their lives. By contrast, only ten percent of the Canadian Expeditionary Force's casualties were fatal.

If one of your family members was a veteran of the Cameron Highlanders, 1910-1919, I would like to hear from you. Please contact me by e-mail.
Recent News: I just want to warn everyone that there is a growing number of forged CEF Badges on the market today. These include modern reproductions of 43rd Cap Badges available in both silver and brass. The main difference seems to be that the reproductions are smaller than the originals. So beware, some sellers refuse to state that their badges are modern reproductions.